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Daniele Astolfi was awarded with the SIDRA prize for the best Italian PhD dissertation

Daniele Astolfi

Daniele Astolfi, fresh PhD graduate, has received the prestigious SIDRA award for the best Italian PhD dissertation in Automatic Control.

Such a prize is awarded by the Italian Automatics Association (SIDRA) through a Commission evaluating works in terms of originality, innovation and clarity of description.

The work has been drawn up in collaboration with the École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris, having benefited from the co-supervision of Prof. Laurent Praly.

Daniele’s work, mainly of methodological nature, addressed “low power” high-gain observers and issues concerning non-linear multivariable regulation.

This research has significantly contributed to the EU-funded project SHERPA coordinated by Prof. Lorenzo Marconi. “Low power” high-gain observers, in fact, have been employed for quadrirotor state estimation.