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Seminar - Electronics Applications of Solid State Photons-Electrons Power Converters: LEDs and PV Cells

The seminar will be given by Gianni Borelli, Hardware and Product Manager and Co-Founder, Becar (Beghelli Group), as part of the course "Trends in Electronics M."

Mar 14, 2018 from 01:30 PM

Where Room 5.4, School of Engineering and Architecture, viale Risorgimento 2, Bologna

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Contact Phone + 39 051 209 3013

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About the speaker

Gianni Borelli. First job at the Sasib SpA (at present Alstom), where he was engaged on 23 November 1981. While working he enrolled in the University of Bologna, where he graduated with a first-class degree in electronic engineering in February 1990. On 5 March 1990, with Maurizio Carpanelli and Daniele Verdilio founded Becar S.r.l. Since its foundation, he has been working as designer and coordinator/supervisor of product design activities and of the development, construction, inspection and installation of electronic equipment. At present he is Becar’s HW and product manager. He is a member of IEEE since 2003, in particular active member of the Communications Society, Industrial Electronics Society, Power & Energy Society and Power Electronics Society.


Presentation of the electronics applications of “power opto-electronics”. Conversion of sunlight into electric energy for the AC grid and its dual process: conversion of electricity from the grid into light to illuminate buildings and cities by means of solid state devices (LEDs). Specifically, the seminar will cover the following topics: PV Cells and LED devices (main concepts and engineering requirements); PV cells technologies; PV electronics (power converters for grid connection); CPV applications (Concentrator PhotoVoltaic); LED technologies; LED electronics (Electronic LED drivers); LED lighting and luminaries; Smart lighting applications; Horticultural Lighting).