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Research activities

Research activities carried out within DEI, classified based on the scientific fields covered by our Department.
Automazione Research in Automation deals with methodologies and technologies for information processing targeted to automatic and real-time control of facilities, processes and dynamic systems in general, covering a wide range of applications in different science and engineering areas.
Bioingegneria Biomedical engineering deals with a wide amount of problems in the biological-medical fields, analyzed with a multidisciplinary approach. Some of the main aspects involve the study of complex physiological systems, the design of medical instrumentation and prostheses, biomedical signal and image processing, the management of health technologies.
Electric Drives and Systems
Azionamenti e Sistemi Elettrici This research field deals with components, systems, technologies and materials used for electrical energy generation, transmission, distribution, conversion and utilization.
Electrical and Electronic Measurements
Misure Elettriche ed Elettroniche This research field deals with the definition of methodologies and procedures for measurements by means of electric and electronic technologies. It is also targeted to the design, implementation, characterization, calibration and test of measurement systems.
Electrical Engineering
Elettrotecnica Electrical Engineering deals with theoretical and experimental aspects of two main fields of studies, electromagnetic fields and circuits, and with the development of the related applications in many engineering areas.
Electromagnetic Fields
Campi Elettromagnetici The area of Electromagnetic Fields pertains to the methodologies and techniques for the analysis and modelling of the physical phenomena on which wireless and wired information transmission is based in modern telecommunication systems.
Elettronica Research studies in Electronics deal with the definition, analysis, design, implementation, assessment and test of devices, circuits and systems, representing the foundations for the information and communication technologies.
Operations Research
Ricerca Operativa Operations Research studies general methods for solving optimization and decision problems by using logical and mathematical models and by developing efficient algorithms.
Telecomunicazioni The Telecomunications research field deals with the methodologies and techniques for information processing and transmission over wireless and wired media across communication networks, covering all aspects from the physical layer to the application level.