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LIB - Biomedical Engineering Laboratory
IBM - UniBo Mathematical Optimization Center of Excellence
Optics Laboratory
BIOLAB - Bioengineering Laboratory
Digicomm-Lab - Laboratorio di Trasmissione Numerica e Servizi Multimediali
EEES - Energy-efficient Embedded Systems
I&M Lab - Instrumentation and Measurement Lab
ICM - Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Engineering "S. Cavalcanti"
iWireless - Laboratory of Information technologies for Wireless communications and localization
LABOR - Laboratory of Operations Research DEI Bologna
LACEM - Laboratory of Electromagnetic Compatibility
LAR - Laboratory of Automation and Robotics
LASIM - Laboratory for Infomobility Systems
LEMAD - Laboratory of Electrical Machines and Drives
LIMP - Lab of Magneto-fluid-dynamics and Plasmas
LIMP - Laboratorio di Ingegneria Magnetofluidodinamica e Plasmi
LIMSA - Laboratory of Magnet Engineering and Applied Superconductivity
LIMSA - Laboratorio di Ingegneria dei Magneti e Superconduttività Applicata
LISEP - Power Systems Engineering Laboratory
LISEP - Laboratorio di Ingegneria dei Sistemi Elettrici di Potenza
LIT - Laboratory of Innovation Technology
LIT - Laboratorio di Innovazione Tecnologica
LYRAS-LAB - Microelectronic Design Laboratory
MIC-Lab - Marconi Institute for Creativity Laboratory
MICREL - Microelectronic Laboratory
NETLAB - Networking Laboratory
RFCAL - RF circuit and antenna design Lab
RFCAL - Laboratorio di progetto di circuiti ed antenne a RF
RN - RadioNetworks
SOLARTRONIC-Lab - Laboratory of Fotovoltaic energy conversion and Power electronic circuits
SUN-Lab - Laboratorio di Conversione Fotovoltaica The SOLARTRONIC-Lab includes a research laboratory of about 25 m2 at ground floor (rooms 31-33), an office with 4 work stations for master/PhD students (room 32), a solar terrace with different PV modules with the possibility to change their arrangement.
VGR - Villa Griffone Radiolab
Villa Griffone
WiLAB - Wireless Communications Laboratory
WiLAB - Laboratorio di Comunicazioni Wireless
CASY - Center for Research on Complex Automated Systems
LOOM - Laboratory for Optimization in Operations Management
LOOM (ex Optimal) - Laboratory for Optimization in Operations Management (Cesena site)
EDM-Lab - Laboratory of Electronic Design and Measurement for RF and Industrial Applications
Lab room with instruments