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EDM-Lab - Laboratory of Electronic Design and Measurement for RF and Industrial Applications

The laboratory of EDM-Lab Research Group is dedicated to the assembly, test, metrological characterization and performance evaluation of electronic circuits, RF devices/components and integrated sensor nodes under a wide set of operating conditions. Many of the resources (VNAs, signal synthesizers and analyzers, probe-stations) are specific for RF and microwave applications, making the EDM-Lab a fully equipped microwave laboratory. Power and smart sensing (environmental/biomedical/energy) applications at lower frequencies (down to DC) are also dealt with by means of oscilloscopes, PXI systems, sensors, and extreme climatic conditioning.

In more detail, the laboratory equipment includes:

  • Vector Network Analyzers up to 110 GHz; Vector Signal Generation and Analysis up to 6 GHz; Spectrum Analyzers up to 40 GHz; 
  • Oscilloscopes (up to 2.5 GHz of analog BW and 20 GSa/s of max sampling rate), and other digitizer boards in PXI-e systems; Signal Synthesizers (CW up to 50 GHz) and Arbitrary Waveform/Function Generators (up to 14 bit, 8 GSa/s and 5 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth); 
  • Thermally-controlled probe-station; power DC supplies and bias systems; microwave slide screw tuners up to 50 GHz; microwave lab components: RF amplifiers, mixers, couplers, calibration kits, test fixtures, and filters; 
  • Custom measurement set-ups for the pulsed I/V and low-frequency dispersion characterization of microwave devices, for wideband and non-linear vector network analysis, and for active wideband load-pull under modulated excitation at RF;
  • Automated set-ups for the metrological characterization of magnetic, current and impedimetric integrated sensors, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS);
  • High accuracy impedance analyzers covering [1 mHz -10 MHz] and [10 mΩ - 40 MΩ] ranges.
  • Climatic chamber of 110-l volume for the characterization of systems in the -40/+180 °C range with humidity control in the range 10–95%;
  • Clean Room (10.000 class, 22 m2), for RF characterization and manufacturing processes to be carried out in clean environment (e.g., bonding, brazing), test-board assembly room, drilling and milling machine for PCB manufacturing, through-hole plating, and hybrid integrated circuit design; 
  • CAD Room for final projects and teaching support to classes; 
  • Software Tools for circuit and electromagnetic simulations and instrumentation control/programming: Keysight Advanced Design System, Microwave Office, LabVIEW, Matlab, MultiSIM, Linear Technology LTspice, Sonnet, Keysight Momentum, Cadence OrCAD. 


Maurizio Tinti

Cat. D - area tecnica, tecnico - scientifica ed elaborazione dati

DEI - Unità di laboratorio LAB1

Viale Risorgimento 2

Bologna (BO)

tel: +39 051 20 9 3848