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LYRAS-LAB - Microelectronic Design Laboratory

Research activities

Microelectronic design of analog circuits and sensor interfaces. Ultra-low noise and ultra-lowpower microelectronic design. Energy harvesting from vibrational, thermal and RF sources. Nanopores and nanowires. Sensors for the environment, food, agriculture and industrial chains. Biosensors for biomedical applications. Piezoelectric sensors and actuators. Multiphysics modelling.


  • Axon amplifier 200B.
  • Low frequency spectrum analyzers and LCR meters.
  • Low current multimeters.


LYRAS-LAB - Microelectronic Design Laboratory

Via Venezia 52 - Via Venezia 260

47521 - Cesena (FC) - Italy

Marco Tartagni

Associate Professor

Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Energia Elettrica e dell'Informazione "Guglielmo Marconi"

Via dell'Università 50

Cesena (FC)

tel: +39 0547 339233

tel: +39 0543 786928

fax: +39 0547 339208

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Scientific coordinator