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RFCAL - RF circuit and antenna design Lab

(c) Diego Masotti

Research activities

The Laboratory research activity consists of Computer Aided Design of RF integrated nonlinear radiating subsystems. The Laboratory guides the following research themes:

  • Development of algorithms for the efficient simulation of large-size circuits
  • Design of MEMS reconfigurable subsystems
  • Design of planar antennas
  • Circuit/electromagnetic simulation of RF links
  • Design of RF harvesting systems and wireless power transfer systems

Teaching activities

RFCAL spaces are shared with the educational Lab of Antenna Systems. This Lab is devoted to the broadband characterization of planar antennas, realized in the research activitiies, by means of scattering parameters and radiated field mesurements.
The educational activity is carried on in the courses:

  • Antenna Systems M
  • Electromagnetic Fields and Antenna Systems M
  • Electromagnetic modeling of RF subsystems M
  • Electromagnetic Technologies for Link Design M



  • RF signal generator: Systron Donner 1710B-S1087 (10MHz-8GHz)
  • 2 DC signal generators: Agilent E3631A
  • Spectrum analyzer: Agilent N1996A (100kHz-6GHz)
  • Oscilloscope: Agilent DSO-X 3024A
  • Broadband antenna: TDK Horn (1-18GHz)
  • Simulators:
  • 3D electromagnetic simulator: CST Microwave Studio
  • Circuit simulator: AWR Microwave Office
  • Circuit simulator developed by the DEI research group: NONLIN


RFCAL - RF circuit and antenna design Lab

Viale Risorgimento 2

40136 - Bologna (BO) - Italy

tel: +39 051 2093792

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Via Venezia 52
47521 Cesena (FC)
+39 0547 339213

Alessandra Costanzo


Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Energia Elettrica e dell'Informazione "Guglielmo Marconi"

Via dell'Università 50

Cesena (FC)

tel: +39 051 20 9 3059

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