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PhD programmes

DEI offers different PhD programmes in the fields of electrical, electronic, automation, information and communication technologies. All of them can be taken either in English or in Italian language.
Ph.D. Programme in Biomedical, Electrical and Systems Engineering (IBES)
IBES The PhD programme in Biomedical, Electrical and Systems Engineering is characterized by an extraordinary breadth of scientific issues related to the contents of the scientific areas in the Department of Electric, Electronic and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi" (DEI ) of the University of Bologna.
Ph.D. Programme in Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technologies Engineering (ET-IT)
Antenna The ET-IT PhD Programme prepares young researchers to be part of both research teams or industrial R&D units, providing the ability to innovate, manage projects, and lead research groups. ET-IT deals with the research areas related with the Information and Communications Society. In particular, the scientific topics addressed by the Programme are Electronics, Electromagnetic Fields, and Telecommunications.